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The Sisters, as they are called by the other races, are a race of all females that live deep in the Forn Woods in a place simply known as the White Grove. No one else is allowed in the grove, and the Sisters rarely leave. However, recently a group of Sisters came to the Dragon Emperor with a gift and a warning. After this event, more of the Sisters have been seen in Human lands. Sisters are known for three things: their beauty, their strength, and their ferocity. Sisters look human, and you wouldn’t be able to tell otherwise but there is something almost otherworldly and unmistakable about their beauty, something almost too perfect. What has brought them out into the world, and what does that mean for the rest of us?

  • Sisters Stats: +2 Str, Con, +4 Chr (16pp)
  • Abilities: (4pp)
    • Healing 1
    • Direction Sense
    • Ultravision
  • Feats: (2pp)
    • Attractive
    • Assessment
  • Skills: (3pp)
    • Medicine 4
    • Sense Motive 4
    • Survival 4

Total Race PP Cost: 25


Oath Fallen38 Fallen38