Kingdom of Yorg

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Yorg was once the most prosperous kingdom of the forth age. However, during that age their mines began to run dry. Over the next fifty years the Yorg people changed from miners to raiders, expanding the kingdom in a desperate bid to gain resources, and it worked. Until the border met the Azure Empires. The Dragon Emperor dealt them a swift defeat, securing what is now known as the Azure Continent for the Empire and bringing in the fifth age.

The ruins of the once capital Yorg has miles of mining tunnels and crypts. The tradition at that time was to return the dead to the earth so that their spirits would bless the ground and lead to better digs. During the Age of Peace, the Yorg lands were left mostly alone. Mining had ruined them for farming, and hunting was scarce. Aside from a few outposts and small villages, the land was left fallow—a haven for bandits, criminals, and other souls wishing not to be found. As such, most “good” people stayed away.

Kingdom of Yorg

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