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Kem is a prosperous port along the south Ogrin Sea. It is also the seat of magic for the Azure Empire, home to the Council of Nine. This was not always the case though. Before the unification of the empire Kem was nothing more then a simple fishing village. Plagued by orcs and bandits. Some 300 years ago when the town was being held by some particularly nasty bandits, a Bredg named Zrell came to the port. The next day all the bandits had vanished. No one knows what happened, but after that night and to this day there is a marked increase in the fowl population. Some say the bandits attacked Zrell, some say the spilled ale on her. In the end does it really matter? Zrell decided to stay founding a school and training ground known simply as The Tower. Shortly after, Kem joined the empire and became a key hold in the empires expansion in the south. The port has grown and thrived ever sense.

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