Character Questionnaire

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Character Questionnaire

Congratulations, you’ve been hand-selected by the gods to embark on an epic journey of heroism and adventure! But before we get started, let’s find out a few things about you, shall we? This information will only be available to the Game Master, so don’t hesitate to disclose things that you may want to keep secret from your comrades (though you should specify which things should be kept secret).

Step 1: The Basics

1. What is your name? If applicable, please include first and last name. Specify any nicknames you might go by, or any titles you might possess.

2. What is your race?

3. What is your age?

4. What is your alignment? Note: you’ll need a very good reason if you’re picking Unaligned or Evil alignments.

5. Who is your deity? If applicable.

6. Describe your appearance. Include both physical traits and any armor or clothing you may be wearing. Be as thorough and as specific as you’d like. You might do well to give a really good description, as there will possibly be illustrations of every character.

Step 2: Personality

1. How do you fare in social interactions? Are you shy, outgoing, crude, well-mannered? Try to describe yourself at your most bare-bones. What is your most common attitude in interacting with others? How do others perceive you?

2. What is your moral code, if any? Where do you draw the line between good and bad? How big is your “gray area”?

3. How well do you face danger? Are you courageous, level-headed, panicky, worrisome? How do you feel and react when you face setbacks?

4. What personality quirks, hobbies, personal interests, or mannerisms do you have? What personal items (non-equipment) do you carry with you on your travels? What makes you different, unique, and interesting?

5. In what way could you be considered a hero? Is it your ideals, previous battles you’ve fought in, your allegiances, or your future aspirations? Many possess great power. In what way do you possess great responsibility?

6. If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?

Step 3: Background

1. Describe your family and anyone significant to you. Be as brief or as thorough as you’d like.

2. What was your childhood like? Highlight any specific moments that were particularly life-changing to you.

3. How did you acquire your skills? Were you born into a role that inevitably led to them, or did you learn them from somewhere else? Did you have to travel to acquire them?

4. What is your current situation and status? What were the major events that led you to where you are now?

5. Where are you headed? Where do you want to be?

Step 4: Questions for the Player

1. As a player, what part of Tabletop do you think will bring you the most enjoyment? What aspect is most fun to you? Is it the combat, the role-playing, or something else?

2. How often would you like to play? How long do you want sessions to last? (Typically, we’ve played anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.)

3. How much of the story would you like to contribute? Do you want the GM to provide the vast majority of the plotline and direction, or do you wish to have more freedom in leading your character where he/she/it wants to go?

4. What do you want to see in this campaign? It can be as broad as an epic-scale war or something as specific as riding on dragons. The GM can’t promise that you’ll get everything you want, but it’ll be worthwhile to know what it is that you want.

Character Questionnaire

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