Character Creation

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Here are some guidelines for character creation.

  • All players will be starting at Power Level (PL) 10. This gives you 150 power points (PP) to use.
  • Pick a race. This can be a great starting point to get ideas and it will give you a baseline for some of your stats, skills and abilities.
  • Remember to deduct your race’s PP cost from your total starting points.
  • Think of abilities your character might have, then use powers, feats and/or skills to build those abilities.
  • Keep in mind that you use your PP for everything about your character’s stats, including ability scores, saves, attack, and defense.
  • Notes on skills: replace computers with Ancient Device and ignore Pilot.
  • If your character uses equipment for some or all their abilities, look into the Device power p.81.
  • Please check with the GM before taking the Magic power, as it can be used for a great many things but may be difficult to use for some players. (See if you can get the abilities you want from another power or feat.)

Character Creation

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