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Azura is the capital city of the Azure Empire, it is also the greatest seat of power for humans in the world. The dragon Emperor’s palace is here, a sprawling complex of gardens, mansions, and shrines make up the castle grounds. The city itself is more then 15 miles across and is divided up into separate areas know as quarters. Each quarter serves a need and/or service. South of the city is a great expanse of farms, orchards and rice fields. The bread basket that feeds much of the empire not just Azura itself.

The Merchant Quarter is on most of the western side of the city, it includes the port and 3 separate markets. All manner of goods and services can be found here from cobblers to sword smiths, as well as merchants dealing in goods from near and far.

Boarding the city to the south is the Military Quarter also known as Dragon Castle. This fortified area is broken up into smaller areas for each arm of the Dragon Army. Along the coast is the navel yard, home to the Rock Leviathan and Black Shark forces. Next to that is Dragon Castle proper a fortress that has stood in some form sense the founding of the empire over a 1000 years ago. It serves as the seat of power for the different arms and also houses the training grounds for new recruits. Glaive lane is a long stretch along the southern wall with homes and barracks for most of the standing army. Crimson Tiger, Jade Crane, and Violet Lotus forces call this area home. Along the east side pushing up to the Dragon Back Mountains is the newest area of Dragon Castle the Flame Drake foundry though not formally an arm of the military its R & D is key to the advancement of marshal might of the existing forces.

In the center of the city is the Temple District home to temples and shrines to a great number of deities. Kelm, Ogrorim, Farund, Lu-Gon, Haflar, and even Zinmora all have temples here. There are shrines to great worriers and poets to numerous to count. The quarter is also a cultural center with libraries, schools and parks filling the district.

The east most quarter known as Golden Sky Terrace is a place for the wealthy and nobility to live. It is also home to the embassy where traveling diplomats of other lands can stay when coming to the city.


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