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The Grizkin are a humanoid race created by the Mora’s dark magics in the second age. Then they were a slave race forced to defend and work the land. With the end of the second age came the purification of the Mora and the Grizkin’s freedom; however, the Grizkin have not forgotten the crimes of the past and still to this day do not trust the Mora. Grizkin are a massive race standing eight feet tall and weighing well over five hundred pounds. Their imposing presence is helped by their bear-like head, booming voice, and fur-covered bodies. Their fur is coarse and thick and ranges from black to light brown.

  • Grizkin Stats: +5 Str, +2 Con, +1 Wis (16pp)
  • Abilities: (4pp)
    • Protection 1
    • Super-Sense 3 – Scent, Tracking, Low-Light Vision
  • Saves: Fort +1 (1pp)
  • Feats: (2pp)
    • Endurance 1
    • Rage 1
  • Skills: (2pp)
    • Intimidate 4
    • Knowledge – History 3
    • Language – Griz

Total Race PP Cost: 25


Oath Fallen38 Fallen38