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The Mora are an ancient race; they were the first to find the written word. Their Kingdoms spanned all the world; that is, until the end of the first age, when their race was tainted by darkness. They have since cleansed themselves of this evil, though not all of their dark powers are gone. Mora are a slender and lithe race, standing four and half to five feet tall and weighing no more than one hundred and thirty pounds. Their pale skin is covered in black tribal like birth-markings. Their eyes are black instead of white, with white or red irises.

  • Mora Stats: +2 Dex, Int, and Chr (12pp)
  • Saves: Dodge +2 (2pp)
  • Abilities: (4pp)
    • Animate Shadow 1 Flaw: Duration – Concentration
    • Super-Sense 2 – Darkvision
  • Feats: (2pp)
    • Evasion 1
    • Hide in Plain Sight
  • Skills: (5pp)
    • Acrobatics 4
    • Ancient Device 2
    • Knowledge – Arcane Lore 3
    • Knowledge – History 4
    • Knowledge – Behavioral Sciense 2
    • Language – Mora
    • Stealth 4

Total PP Cost: 25

Shadow Construct: (Str/Dex based)

  • Shadow: Darkvision, Slithering, Wall-Crawling 2, Darkness Control 1, +5 Int


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