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Kokta are large reptilians, standing around 3 ft. at the shoulder and about 5 ft long not including their tail. They can weigh upwards of 400+ pounds. Their tails range from short nubs to long flowing appendages. Scale colors range from browns and greens to reds, blues, golds, and black. Horns are rare but have been seen on some adults. Their eyes can be gold, red, blue or green. Kokta are not just big lizards; they are as smart as humans and capable of speech. They cannot hold items as the bipedal races do. However, they can use their tails for most tasks, such as opening doors. It is unknown where the Kokta came from. Some say they were created by the Bredg like the Mora created the Grizkin. Others say they are the spawn of dragons, but no one truly knows. Kokta are considered primitive by some. Kokta live mostly in caves in small family groups. Their fighting prowess and toughness have earned them jobs among men as guards and mercenaries.


  • Kokta Stats: +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 Dex (20pp)
  • Abilities: (20pp)
    • Additional Limbs 1 (Tail)
    • Immovable 1
    • Strike 1 (Claws) Power Feat: Mighty
    • Strike 6 (Bite)
    • Super-Sense 1 – Infravision
    • Super-Strength 2
    • Regeneration 5: Recovery Bonus +2, Recovery Rate +1 (Injured), Recovery Rate +1 (Disabled) Power Feat: Regrowth.
  • Feats: (2pp)
    • Ambidexterity
    • Prone Fighting
  • Skills: (3pp)
    • Intimidate 4
    • Survival 4
    • Climb 2
    • Swim 2

Total Race PP Cost: 45


Oath Fallen38 Fallen38