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The Bredg are a strange race. No one knows from whence or when they came. They look Human, other than the large horn on their foreheads; the horn glows when they use magic. Their strange nature is not helped by their demeanor: cold and know-it-all. They are highly intelligent and have an understanding of magic far beyond other races. They have been coming to Human lands more in recent times, but why? They normally don’t bother with the lesser races, but even the Masters of Magic must seek help sometimes.

  • Bredg Stats: +1 Wis, +4 Int (10pp)
  • Saves: Will +2 (2pp)
  • Abilities: (4pp)
    • Magic 2 (Pick a spell from the list at the bottom of the page)
  • Feats:(2pp)
    • Ritualist 1
    • Trance
  • Skills: (4pp)
    • Ancient Device 4
    • Concentration 4
    • Knowledge – Arcane lore 4, Life Sciences 2, Physical Sciences 2

Total Race PP Cost: 22

  • Spell List:
    • Fireball – PL 2 Fire/Magic Blast attack
    • Shield – PL 4 Shield
    • Nullifying Field (Magic) – PL 2 Magic Dampening area of effect
    • Plant Control – PL 2
    • Illusion (Visual) – PL 2


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